Nurse, Certified
Food Addiction Counselor and creator of the
Sugar-Free Recovery Program

Zippi Livneh is a registered nurse, an EU certified food addiction counselor and is one of the international pioneers of professional treatment for sugar/food addiction recovery. She has over 25 years of experience helping people live in Sugar-Free recovery and rebuild a healthy relationship with food. She has a BSc in Nursing and an executive MBA from Haifa University, professional training in sugar/food addiction assessment and in the 12 step program. She is a professional speaker and the co-founder and co-chair of the first international Food Addiction Professionals Network.
Zippi's science-based “Sugar-Free Recovery Program" is aimed for those who want to get free from obsession about food and dieting, for life. Her compassionate and professional guidance can help you live in a healthy body with inner peace around food and eating behaviors. She lives in Israel and works with clients online or in person through one on one counseling, a unique program for couples, group workshops, and Sugar-Free Recovery retreats in the beautiful Galilee of Israel.   


Let’s face it, the “eat less, move more” solution doesn’t work in the long term. In fact, it makes things worse because the underlying message is that if someone's overweight it’s their fault since they’re obviously being piggish and lazy.  We must change the way we think about obesity, diabetes type 2, and other consequences of bad eating habits. The science now shows that the fact that so many people are constantly hungry for “crappy carbs” and have low energy levels is the RESULT of the problem and not what’s causing it.  

One of the most overlooked reasons why people eat in a way that's harmful, even though they know better, is addiction to sugar and ultra-processed foods. Studies show that these foods are addictive, just like other substances of abuse like nicotine, alcohol and drugs.  
Addiction happens in the brain where a chemical dependence develops. It actually hijacks the brain so that the urge to have some is so strong that it literally takes over. It basically robs people of the power to choose to eat just a little. People who are sensitive to the addictive nature of junk-foods develop cravings for them and the more they eat, the more they want until it becomes a 
vicious cycle of obsessive thinking and overeating accompanied by guilt and shame. This can go on for many years 
if not treated properly and as ruined many people’s health and quality of life. I know, I personally spent many years like that. 

If you think these foods are hijacking your brain, know that your problem is NOT lack of knowledge or self-discipline. That’s not where the solution lies, either. The solution is about developing a new way of eating and a new way of thinking about food that will bring a lasting change.    

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What The Professionals Are Saying...

"Zippi is a very skilled food addiction counselor with many years of experience and an outstanding "toolbox" to help you. I highly recommend."

Bitten Jonsson
RN, food addiction specialist, author of the “Sugar Bomb in Your Brain”, Creator of the Holistic Addiction Medicine course, Sweden

"Sometimes the connection with food can be deep and complicated, making it very hard for people to stick to a diet that will make them healthy. Tzipi has the tools to make this change possible even for the hardest cases. Highly recommend!"

Mariela Glandt
MD, Endocrinologist, Director of Glandt Center for Diabetes Care, Israel 

"As one of the first food addiction counselors in the field (and the first in Israel) Zippi is the real deal. There are many counselors who will help you with eating disorders, but few that work from a true food addiction model. Zippi understands food addiction, the diagnosis, the treatment and the tools to help you love your food, lose weight AND live in food serenity long term. She walks the talk. If the student is willing, this teacher is ready!"

Vera Tarman
MD, ABAM, author of Food Junkies, Medical Director of Renascent, Canada’s largest  drug and alcohol treatment centre, Food Junkies Podcast, Canada.  

What Zippi’s Clients Are Saying

"Thank you for an amazing program! The subjects you taught are so important and opened my mind to a new way of thinking about food and how I eat. Zippi, you were great! I learned new things at each meeting and you made it easy with your understanding, patience and humor. “
- Ora, Tel Aviv

"I participated in Zippi’s program  and highly recommend it, also to those who are not overweight. I discovered many new things about myself and my behavior. I learned to identify when I'm hungry and when not. For the first time, food stopped being the primary focus of everything in my life. I feel so much better physically, emotionally and mentally.“  
- Tali, Haifa

"In Zippi’s program  I learned to enjoy my meals and live in between. I learned how to stop, observe and think about what goes into my mouth and what comes out. I learned to live free and happy without the need for excess food. Thank you Zippi and to the sweet (sugarless!) women in this program.“  
- Karen,  Chicago

"Zippi’s program gave me a lot of strength to go forward. I have been in many diet programs and yet I learned things in this program that I have never heard before. I learned important tools regarding how I see and treat myself and life in general. Zippi’s knowledge, experience and deep understanding made this program fascinating, engaging, clear and funny!“  
- Patricia,  Montreal

"Thank you for everything. It's impossible to quantify in words or money what your program has done for me“  
- Dana,  Tabor. 

*Some names and locations have been changed to protect privacy.


With over 25 years of experience in the field of sugar/food addiction, Zippi can guide you to your own Sugar-Free Recovery.

From a mini-course on sugar detox, to personalized one on one coaching, Zippi can help you get free from obsession around food and dieting and build a healthy relationship with food for life.  

Need some guidance? Let’s talk!  
Book a complimentary call with Zippi to find out how the GPS program can help you.  

How to Begin a Sugar Detox
A Digital Mini-course

Have you been thinking of doing a sugar detox but don’t really know where to begin? Or maybe you just need some motivation? Whether it be for a few weeks, months or the kickstart to a new way of eating, this information packed mini-course will super motivate you and show you exactly how to prepare and begin a sugar detox so that you can experience the physical and mental benefits of going Sugar-Free.


If you want a personalized recovery plan built specifically for your needs and lifestyle, Zippi’s vast knowledge and experience can help you meet your life goals. Hand in hand we will build your journey to healthy eating and a sense of well-being. This is an exclusive VIP program and spaces are limited. Book a free consultation call to see how Zippi can help

Sugar-Free Recovery Program for Couples

A unique private counseling workshop for couples to recover together from sugar/food addiction for life.
One of the best ways to get free from obsession around food, dieting and body weight is to do so as a family unit. This workshop is a unique, tailor-made workshop  for couples where both struggle with wanting to eat healthy but don’t manage to put it into practice. This Sugar-Free Recovery program for couples will guide you and your partner, as individuals and together as a family unit, how live in recovery from sugar/food addiction for life.  

How does the Sugar-Free Recovery© Program work?

What is the GPS Method? 

GPS is an acronym for the three phases of this program: Groundwork, Pillars, and Strategies & Actions. These are the 3 critical components to map out your own personal journey to a Sugar Free life.


In the GPS program, we build the foundation for a life change in our attitude towards food and eating behaviors. Learn what is sugar/food addiction, how different foods affect the brain and body, how to heal your metabolism and more.

Food Pillars

There are 4 food pillars or principles that guide the GPS way of eating. They will guide you on how to recognize and eliminate addictive trigger foods. Be done with dieting! In the GPS program we eat in a way that is satisfying and nourishes our body and our soul. (learn more button)

Strategies & Actions

This is the phase where you will get tools, strategies and build a support system as a way of life that frees you from addictive eating. You will understand how to deal with stress, holidays, travelling and the challenges life brings and still maintain your peace of mind around food.  

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