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Hand in hand, we will build the path to your recovery from food/sugar addiction.
From healing your brian
to building a new relationship with food,
you deserve to live your best life in

You deserve to live in a healthy body with peace of mind regarding food and eating.

Working with Zippi means you too can benefit from 25 years of experience helping others build their journey to food freedom.
She truly understands what you’re going through.

As one of the world leaders in the field of food/sugar addiction recovery,
her extensive training and knowledge guarantee that you are being guided by a true professional.

Zippi’s Favorite Recipes Booklet - $1.99

Going Sugar Free actually tastes delicious!!!

After 25 years of eating and living Sugar Free and helping thousands of women and men on their own Sugar Free journey, I have accumulated quite a collection of "no sugar no flour" recipes and prep tips.
One of the wonderful things about going Sugar Free is your taste buds relearn to enjoy Real Food. When you reconnect to the foods nature has provided us, nutritious choices that were not tasty before become delicious. Here is a collection of my favorite recipes and tips. Since I keep kosher, the recipes in this booklet are kosher, which means milk and meat are separate, and there are no porcine or seafood options. I encourage you to experiment and adjust the recipes to your tastes and preferences.

How to Begin a Sugar Detox:
A Digital Mini-Course - $19.99

Do you think that limiting or completely going off sugar is the right thing for you, but you don’t know where to start?

More and more research is showing that excess sugar in our diet is a major cause of obesity and diabetes, and linked to many other chronic diseases. Yet, many people feel like they can't imagine life without sweets and treats!      
That is the SUGAR PARADOX – the more people eat the more they want sugary and starchy foods. Severely limiting or going off sugar completely, even temporarily, can bring down sugar cravings, help you lose weight easily and ramp up your metabolic health. But where to start?

Online Group Workshop - $540

The  Sugar-Free Recovery Program Workshop is a science-based, online group workshop that’s brought amazing results to many who have struggled for years. Zippi’s unique GPS Method will guide you to create your Sugar-Free journey to recovery for life.

 In this workshop you will:
🗸 Learn about food addiction and how it affects the brain.
🗸Detox from addictive foods and eating behaviors  
🗸 Build a food plan to suits your personal needs
🗸 Ramp up your metabolic health
🗸 Get tools and strategies to make healthy eating a way of life
🗸 Know how to prevent relapse and deal with slips
🗸 Lose weight without excessive exercise or going hungry
🗸 Build a new, healthy relationship with food  

In the Sugar-Free Couples Program you will:
☑️Get free from the addictive pull of sugar and hyper-processed foods.
☑️Build a personal food plan that is right for you.
☑️ Learn the science behind food/sugar addiction and how it hijacks your brain.  
☑️Learn how ramp up your metabolic health to reduce hunger and cure cravings.
☑️Get tools and strategies to change your mindset and support your recovery for life – as individuals and as a home unit.  
☑️Discover what emotional eating really is for you and effective ways to deal with it.
☑️Experience ways to combine spirituality and food recovery.
☑️Gain back the power to choose to eat in way that nourishes your body, mind and soul.  

Sugar-Free Recovery Program
For Couples

An 8-week unique private workshop for two, via ZOOM, where you and your significant-other get free from addictive eating to live in a healthy body with peace of mind around food, for good.

Do you feel like food controls you instead of the other way around?  
Do you and your partner struggle with wanting to create a home centered on healthy eating but can’t seem to  get there?
Have you and your partner tried many diets and nothing seems to work for the long-term?    

There are some people for whom having a “treat” or “small snack” to satisfy a yen for sweets or carbs actually has the opposite effect. It just keeps them coming back for more...

They know what they should do yet find themselves eating in a way that is harming their health and wellbeing and just can’t seem to stop.  

If you and your partner find yourselves in this vicious cycle know that it’s not your fault and it most likely has nothing to do with self-discipline or will-power. It has to do with the brain becoming dependent on sweet, starchy hyper-processed foods that are addictive just like nicotine or alcohol.  

I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there. For the last 25 years I have been helping women and men beat food / sugar addiction.  I developed the GPS Program, a science based method, that can show you how to gain back control of your food choices without struggling or starving yourself. Learn to live in a healthy body with peace of mind around food as individuals AND as a cohesive unit together to build the food environment in your home that you’ve always wanted.    

Work with Zippi One on One:  
VIP private counselling packages 

If you want a personalized recovery plan built specifically for your needs and lifestyle, Zippi’s vast knowledge and experience can help you meet your life goals. Hand in hand we will build your journey to healthy eating and a sense of well-being. This is an exclusive VIP program and spaces are limited. Book a free consultation call to see how Zippi can help you.  

Price: $1,870 USD Includes: accommodation in a shared double room, meals and all activities. Does not include airfare or transport to and from the retreat.
Private room is an option (additional cost)

If you’d like more information about joining us, book a free consultation call now.
This exclusive retreat is limited to a small number of carefully selected participants (max. 6).
Book now a FREE consultation call to discuss if this retreat is for you. This spring, come to the scenic, serene Galilee of Israel for a 5 day kosher retreat to kickstart your recovery journey.

Sugar-Free Recovery Retreat Kosher
2-6 June, 2024      Price: $1,870 USD

A 5-day immersion retreat for food addiction recovery.

For the recovery experience of a lifetime…

Come to the beautiful, serene Galilee of Israel and immerse yourself in a safe and loving recovery process that will set you on the path to a life in Sugar-Free Recovery. This full-board, 5 day retreat takes place in my home in the hilly orthodox community of Mitzpeh Netofah in the Lower Galilee. If you want a life-changing experience to help you attain your goals for healthy eating and serenity around food, this retreat is for you. It’s also going to be loads of fun!

Together we will:
☑️ Create abstinent meals from shopping to cooking in a kosher kitchen (all foods will be mehadrin kosher).
☑️Build a personal food plan that is right for you.
☑️Learn from experts about the science behind food/sugar addiction and how it hijacks your brain.
☑️Learn how your metabolic health influences your hunger and cravings.  
☑️Get tools and strategies build a healthy relationship with food and support your Sugar-Free Recovery for life.
☑️Discover what emotional eating really is for you and effective ways to deal with it.
☑️Experience how to access your yiddishkeit to strengthen your Sugar-Free Recovery.  
☑️Enjoy fun activities in the scenic north of Israel.  
☑️Gain back control and the power to choose to eat in way that nourishes your body, mind and neshama (soul).

Speaker Events  and Interviews

Invite a health care professional who is a world leader in the field of food addiction to speak at your next event.

From a 20 minute scientific review to half day workshops, Zippi is an experienced speaker to many different audiences on an array of subjects:  
* The science behind ultra-processed food addiction.
* Food addiction assessment tools.
* How to ramp up your metabolic health without dieting.
* How food environment affects food choices and what we can do about it.  
* How to really read a food label.
* Emotional eating, eating disorders and food addiction
And more!