Esther Asks: How Do You Travel and Stay Sugar Free?

This week I answer a question that is often asked – how do you travel Sugar Free?

In my weekly blog I answer questions from my clients and people who write to me. This week I answer a question that is often asked – how do you travel Sugar Free? Yes, it is more challenging because of the change in routine and unpredictability around food but with a few tricks it's totally doable.

I even made a FREE tip sheet YOUR GPS 2 A SUGAR FREE TRIP that you can get by emailing me.

Last week I travelled to England to take part in the First International Food Addiction Conference. My sister lives in Glasgow so after the Conference I travelled to Scotland to visit her for a couple of days. If you want to hear about the conference, click here.

When I travel or go on a trip, especially abroad, I have 2 challenges when it comes to food: Firstly, I am Sugar Free no matter where I go because my sugar addiction comes with me, and secondly, I eat kosher. That means that I cannot trust that I will always find something to eat. I teach ALL my clients to take "emergency food" whenever they travel. I can't count the number of times that it made the difference between me staying in recovery from my sugar addiction or things getting messed up.

I take some food with me and usually buy more at a grocery store like extra veggies and cheese. Usually, I don't end up using it all - but I prefer to throw food to the garbage than feel like garbage because I ate junk.

This trip was no different. The amounts of vegetables that were served at the conference hotel were very small and I was happy that I had food with me and was not hungry (if you want to know which foods, download Your GPS 2 Sugar Free Trip).

Another important thing when travelling is to consider what I call "second best" or harm reduction. Sometimes, when we are not in our natural environment, we have to make compromises. For example, the time I eat, the amount I eat, or even certain food like dry sausages that I take with me when I travel may not be what I optimally do at home. The low carb sausages that I take are pretty processed and at home I don't eat them. They're still better for me than any cookie or baguette, so when I travel I make certain allowances that I know will help me stay on track.

You may think I miss out on the "food experience" when on vacation because of this but for me the opposite is true. When I was eating sugary starchy and processed foods that I am addicted to, all I could think about was the food. I then missed out on the rest of the trip because I was not really present. I was constantly obsessing about the chocolates or chips in my bag or the kiosk, or the next time I'll get to eat them, or how bad I feel because I ate so much…etc. That's the "fun" I am now missing out on and I don't miss it at all. I focus now on the non-food experiences that I enjoy like meeting amazing people at the conference, visiting my sister and her family at her cozy home, taking a hike in nature with her, meeting friendly strangers on the train and more. Giving up sugar enables me to experience those wonderful things to the fullest so it's worth it.