It's Time to Stop The Food Fight

Hate Destroys. I am writing this blog on the fast day of Tisha B'av.

According to tradition the holy temple in Jerusalem was destroyed on this day, so we fast in mourning. Tradition also holds that the main reason for the destruction was hate and in-fighting amongst the Jewish people. This is actually the real point of this day – to remember that hate destroys.

I think this is true when it comes to the destructive hate of one group's food philosophies to another's as well. We need to start talking about what all health – promoting food plans have in common instead of their differences.

Every food plan works for someone, and doesn't work for someone else. There is enough science supporting a plant-based way of eating, a ketogenic way of eating and lots of ways of eating in between such as the Mediterranean way of eating. They all work for some and don't for others.

The key point is that they all have one thing in common that is the most important of all – they all support eating Real Food and eliminating or severely limiting sugary and hyper-processed foods. THIS is what we need to talk about – what is in common with all these different food plans and less about the differences.

My clients ask me many times about the nuances of their food plan – can they add grain or are grains bad? Low carb? Vegetarian? I always give the same answer: If you eat only Real Food that heals your body and your brain, after a while your body begins to tell you what is right for it and now you can trust that message.

Some people feel right when they are eating mainly animal proteins and veggies, some people understand from within that plant-based is what's right for them – or ideologically, or whatever. If you EAT REAL FOOD and stay away from added sugar, starches and hyper-processed foods, you are on the right track.

Let's stop food fighting about vegan versus keto and let's start fighting together to promote REAL FOOD.